Exciting ways Solar Power can Improve your Home

Solar Power can Improve your Home

Exciting ways Solar Power can Improve your Home

A Healthy environment is essential to a healthy life

We discuss some exciting ways that solar power can improve your home.

Bardale Village firmly believes that a healthy environment is essential to a healthy life. When it comes down to it, the earth is one of the main things that we all have in common. No step towards green living is ever too big or too small. Solar powered homes are becoming more and more common in South Africa, ranging from large rooftop photovoltaic (PV) panels, to smaller, stand-alone solar appliances.

Many people dismiss the possibility of solar power, because they view it as a long term investment, with a large upfront cost. However, this is not always the case as there are many affordable ways to improve your home using the power of the sun.

Bardale has taken the first step towards promoting eco-friendly and efficient energy use by utilising energy efficient lighting and solar heated water cylinders. Here are some other exciting ways that solar power can improve your home.

Solar powered security

While Bardale Village is proud to offer essential security features, such as alarm systems, security gates and burglar bars, extra solar security features can be added to improve safety as well as property value.
There are a number of great solar security accessories available on the market today.

Solar Powered Wireless Security Beams

Starting from as cheap as R250, solar powered security sensors are perfect for ensuring complete safety. Security beams can be linked to your alarm as an early warning system, triggering when the beam is broken.

Solar Powered Motion Sensor Lights

These lights can be linked to your solar beams, or stand alone. Light up the night and rest easy knowing that there are no hidden dangers lurking about. After the initial purchase, installation is easy, making these lights a perfect solar DIY project.

Solar Powered Security Cameras

In order to guarantee that cameras will keep on working 24/7, battery packs are usually required, pushing the price tag up a bit. With fencing around the Bardale perimeter, as well as the patrolling guards, home security cameras are not really necessary, although it is nice knowing that this security feature is available.

Decorative Solar Lamps/Lights

While purely aesthetic, solar powered lamps or colourful solar jars are perfect for adding a little character to your home. With Christmas around the corner, these affordable and hassle-free lights can make the perfect gift. Just don’t be surprised if you buy them for a loved one, but end up keeping them for yourself.

Solar powered device chargers

This nifty solar powered gadget, starting from as little as R50, is the perfect way to ensure cell phone power, even when Eskom decides otherwise. Say farewell to dead devices by simply keeping this little device in a room that receives decent sunlight during the day, or on your dashboard during your drive home.

We hope these convenient and affordable ideas have helped you better understand the potential advantages of solar powered homes. Green living, whether for practical or aesthetic purposes, all play a role in promoting a countrywide effort to reduce electricity demand, while shifting towards efficient energy living.

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