Benefits of Buying Property Near Schools and Amenities

Buying Property Near Schools

Benefits of Buying Property Near Schools and Amenities

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an established home owner looking to upgrade your living, buying property near schools and other amenities, in a central location, is always a good idea.

Thanks to the financial benefits and convenience factor, these homes are a prime property location for all.

While buying property near schools have many practical advantages for families with children, it is important to remember that even if you don’t have kids, the financial benefits of these locations make it well worthwhile.

Bardale Village, the family living estate in Kuilsriver, has quickly become one of the most sought after living options in the Western Cape.

One of the major reasons for this is due to the immense convenience of its location.

Besides being a short distance away from the Cape Town CBD and other major towns, Bardale Village is also situated adjacent to a primary school and high school and has a fully operational crèche nearby.

Let’s discuss some of the major benefits of buying property near schools:

Sorted Down the Line

When your children reach school-going age, you will not have to worry about long drives or moving to a closer area. Knowing that your child’s educational future is more secure will definitely help you sleep better at night.


We all want our children to succeed – and living close to a school will help make this possible by giving them more time and opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities. Schools also have many amenities like sport fields and libraries, which your child could benefit from if they live nearby.

School Zones are Safer

Areas with schools generally tend to be safer to live in as they are well monitored and inhabited by people as concerned with safety and security as you are.

Goodbye Long Commute Time

Living near to a school will allow your child to have more free time, as they won’t have to sit in traffic.

Easy to Sell or Rent Down the Line

Homes close to schools tend to have a constant demand. Thanks to this, if you choose to sell or rent your home down the line, finding a buyer or tenant will be much easier.

Greater Re-Sale Value

Properties in school districts tend to hold their value much better in tough economic times, considering that there is always a high demand. Homes near schools will be able to ask up to 20% more than homes that aren’t.

Other Amenities Nearby

If there are schools nearby, chances are there will be a long list of other convenient facilities nearby as well. As the population grows, so does the development. Bardale Village is a perfect example of this, with an almost endless list of useful amenities in close proximity.

Affordable Bardale Village Houses for Sale

With ample public transport options close by, places of worship, shopping malls and sport centres around the corner, and a police station and clinic a short phone call away, it’s not hard to see why homes at Bardale Village are selling so fast.

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