Effective Ways to Entice Potential Property Buyers

Entice Potential Property Buyers

Effective Ways to Entice Potential Property Buyers

Find some easy and effective ways to increase home value and entice potential property buyers.

Selling a home is not always easy and can often turn into a lengthy process that costs the seller and the agent time and money. Having your new adventures put on hold because your old home refuses to let go can leave you feeling anxious and frustrated.

Thankfully, there are a number of simple, but effective, property selling tips and solutions that can help speed up the process and potentially boost property value along the way.

First Impressions

While first impressions are always important, this is particularly true when it comes to real estate. When buying a home, potential buyers often let emotions and their gut feelings make the decisions. They want to be able to picture themselves spending the rest of their lives in the house – and it’s your job to paint that picture!
This is where the classic show house tips play a part, allowing you to effectively “stage” your home:

  • Clean the clutter
  • Touch up the paint
  • Neaten the garden
  • Fix any leaky pipes
  • Empty the trash

The front door is the portal to a new beginning. Because of this, spending some time adding a bit of flavour to the entrance can go a long way in sealing the sale. Having a pot of coffee brewing, or baking a batch of cookies on the day of the show house is a great way to subtly sweeten the deal.

Worthwhile Renovations

When it comes to enticing property buyers, research shows that the two biggest make-or-break rooms are the kitchen and bathroom.

This doesn’t mean that you need to fork out massive amounts of cash to remodel these rooms, all it means is that these rooms need to function flawlessly and be aesthetically appealing.

Inexpensive fixes such as removing a countertop burn mark, repainting the cupboards, caulking the bath or re-grouting the tiles can lead to a happy buyer and an even happier bank account.

Take Advantage of Technology

Considering that just about every house hunting quest begins with an internet search, making sure that you effectively market your property online is an absolute must! It’s your estate agent’s job to list your property on a number of popular property websites and mobile apps, as well as inform potential buyers about the show house.

Thanks to social media, there is also a number of ways that you can market your property yourself. Be sure to include a well-written, welcoming description with a decent number of photos that showcase the home accurately.

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