Tips to Childproofing your Home

Childproofing your Home

Tips to Childproofing your Home

Elevate home safety with these tips to childproofing your home.

As soon as a child joins the family, parents start seeing the rooms of their homes slightly differently. Stove knobs suddenly become twistable furnaces, kitchen cupboards suddenly seem like something out of Breaking Bad and toilet seats are suddenly hand crushing accidents waiting to happen!

The best way to eliminate accidental injuries around the home is by taking the proper safety precautions by childproofing your home.

Let’s look at some childproofing tips that’ll elevate your home safety to a whole new level.

In the Kitchen

Children are helpful, they want to assist you with the cooking, even if that simply means crawling around the kitchen, grabbing (and trying to eat) everything possible.

  • Keep cleaning supplies up high, rather than under the sink
  • Make use of safety latches on all cabinets and drawers
  • Stove knobs should be removed or covered
  • Turn pot and pan handles so they face inwards
  • Pet pellets can be a choking hazard
  • Don’t leave appliances plugged in
  • Watch where you leave hot beverages
  • Push toasters, kettles and other small appliances to the back of the counter

In the Bathroom

While bath time equals fun time, it can also be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house.

The perfect baby proof home pays special attention to the bathroom.

  • Keep bathroom locked when not in use
  • Store medicine and other products out of reach
  • Keep medicine in their original containers
  • Install toilet locks to keep the lid closed
  • Install non-slip mats in the bathroom
  • Cover bath spout with soft covers
  • Never leave water standing in the bath or sink
  • Teach your child to stay seated in the tub at all times

Around the House

Nobody puts baby in the corner!

On average, babies start crawling around 8 months, which means many start moving their cute little tushies even earlier. Exploration is key for young minds and they will soon start pulling themselves up on everything that they find.

  • Make use of doorknob covers and furniture edge guards to prevent added injuries when falling
  • Secure furniture that can topple – such as cabinets, chairs and bookshelves
  • Use doorstops and door holders on doors and hinges to prevent hand injuries
  • Install miniature gates to block stairs
  • Place outlet covers or safety plugs on unused electrical outlets
  • Fit window stops so that windows can’t be pushed open fully
  • Shorten window covering cords
  • Remove all free-falling lids from objects such as toy chests
  • Use childproof lids on your rubbish bins

Keeping a single child-friendly cupboard unlocked with lightweight, harmless items is a great way to distract your child from forbidden places around the house.

Childproofing your home and being vigilant about home safety is the best way to provide a safe environment that will allow the beautiful mind of your young one to flourish!

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