Your Bond Registration Guide

bond registration guide

Understanding the bond registration process is an essential part of becoming a successful homeowner.

Being aware of the main steps involved and the different parties concerned with the process can help make bond registration much less stressful.

In our continued effort to assist you in climbing the property ladder with confidence, Bardale Village brings you your bond registration guide.

Parties Involved in the Property Buying Process

  • Property Seller
  • Home Buyer
  • Transferring Attorney (selected by seller)
  • Bond Attorney (selected by bank)
  • Cancellation Attorney

1. Home Buying

Once the property seller and buyer have both signed the Offer to Purchase, the buyer will apply for a bond with a bank.

2. Bond Approval

The bank will assess your affordability and decide whether to approve your bond or not.

You can calculate your affordability using the Bardale Village affordability calculator.

Once the loan approval is complete, the bank will advise the Bond Attorney to register the bond.

3. Property Transfer

After bond approval, the seller will advise the Transferring Attorney to transfer the property into the buyer’s name.

The bank will then request the title deed and cancellation figures of the current bond on the property.

A rates and taxes statement will also be requested from your local municipality.

4. Draft Deed of Transfer

The Bond Attorney identifies the amount available for guarantees, requesting the draft deed of sale and guarantee requirements from the Transferring Attorney.

5. Cancellation Attorney

Once a receipt of guarantee for the amount owing is received, the Cancellation Attorney will be requested to cancel the seller’s bond.

6. Transfer Documents

The buyer and seller signs the transfer documents – the buyer pays the transfer costs.

7. Deeds Office

Once the buyer has signed the bond documentation and paid the relevant costs, the necessary documents are prepared for lodgement in the Deeds Office.

The Deeds Office typically takes between 2 to 3 weeks to approve the documentation for registration.

8. Bank Pays Loan

Once registered by the Deeds Office, the bank will pay out the loan based on the guarantees issued.

It typically takes a minimum of 3 months for the registration and transfer of the bond.

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