Easy Ways to Save Water in the Kitchen

Easy Ways to Save Water

Easy Ways to Save Water in the Kitchen

Saving Water at Home

With the ongoing Western Cape water crisis, Bardale Village brings you some easy ways to save water in the kitchen.

Saving water at home can play a huge role in lowering your monthly utility bill and protecting you from the stepped tariff system.

Read on as we discuss some easy ways to save water in the kitchen.

Never Wash Under Running Water

Whether you’re washing dishes or rinsing food, using running water from the tap will lead to unnecessary wastage.

Instead, use a shallow basin of water when washing or rinsing.

This water can then be reused in the garden or bathroom for added water conservation!

Reuse Water

Reusing greywater wherever possible can go a long way to lowering your water usage.

Having an empty bucket near your basin will make it easy to capture and reuse water.

This water can then be used to water plants or fill toilets.

Wait for Full Load

Wait for your dishwasher to be full before running it.

This will not only help you cut back on water usage, but also help you to save on electricity and washing detergent in the long run.

Keep Water in Fridge

Leaving your tap to run as you wait for the water to get cold means that you’re literally flushing drinking water down the drain.

This can easily be prevented by placing a jug of water into the fridge.

Don’t Defrost in Water

Unless you’re able to reuse the water, thawing frozen food in water should be avoided.

Take the more water efficient approach by leaving your food to defrost in the fridge overnight – or making use of the microwave defrost option.

Steam rather than Boil

Steaming food, rather than boiling it, uses a lot less water.

Steaming also has an added bonus, as it will retain far more nutrients in your food.

Proper Sized Pots

Be sure to use the correctly sized pots for cooking.

Large pots will require more cooking water than is necessary, and will result in more water evaporating.

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