Home Cleaning Tips: Overlooked Spots in Living Area

Home Cleaning Tips for hard to find spots

Home Cleaning Tips: Overlooked Spots in Living Area

Home Tips and Tricks

Expose and banish those easy-to-miss spots with these home cleaning tips.

There’s no doubt that cleaning is a chore, which is why we generally try to get it done and dusted (pun intended) as quickly as possible.

Soldiering through your cleaning routine can often lead to certain spots being forgotten.

Don’t worry, we know that sometimes if a spot cannot be seen, we don’t particularly mind how dirty it may be.

Although unlike with an ex, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ doesn’t quite work with germs.

Let’s tackle a few commonly overlooked spots in your living area and discuss some home cleaning tips and tricks to remember.

Door Handles

Door handles are touched countless times each day, but are often forgotten as they tend to blend in with the door.

Germs spread quickly on these areas, especially when you throw a toddler into the mix.

Door handles can easily be cleaned with a warm, wet cloth and some all-purpose cleaner.

Disinfecting wipes work well too.

While giving the handles a good polish, remember to wipe the doors down too, focusing on the spot where the door is pushed open.

Light Switches

Much like with your door handles, light switches are highly trafficked areas.

Prevent germs from spreading by wiping them down regularly – especially during cold and flu season.

Remote Controls

TV remotes are one of the most commonly overlooked items when cleaning.

Keep all your remotes under control by removing the batteries and rubbing it with an anti-bacterial or disinfectant wipe.

A great home cleaning tip for targeting the buttons is to dip a cotton bud into a disinfectant solution so you can get between the gaps.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are notorious for collecting large amounts of dust and dirt.

The top of the blades are commonly overlooked, right up until the point when they’re switched on and you’re left coughing up a storm.

Luckily, there’s an easy and mess-free trick to cleaning your ceiling fans, and all you’ll need is an old pillowcase.

Place the pillowcase over each blade, wiping the dust off into it.

Once done, head outside and set the dust free with a flick of the wrist.

Your Phone

When it comes to highly trafficked items that are commonly overlooked when cleaning, none take the cake quite like your cellphone.

Your phone follows you wherever you go, meaning that it easily collects germs along the way.

Cleaning your phone can be tricky, but regular wipes with a microfiber cloth and the odd adding of sanitizer will do the trick.

Home Cleaning Tips

Do you have any awesome home cleaning tips or secrets to share?

Be sure to comment below with your favourite tricks.

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