Recycling at Home: 5 Tips to Improve Your Recycling

Recycling at Home

Recycling at Home: 5 Tips to Improve Your Recycling

Recycling in South Africa

We all know that we should be recycling at home and doing our part towards preserving the environment.

Although sometimes life gets busy, and in the hustle and bustle of things we feel like we don’t have time to spend on things like recycling.

In reality though, recycling doesn’t take up much time, especially when you consider the substantial benefits that it provides.

When recycling at home, creating a simple recycling system, that includes the whole family, can help speed up the process.

The key to successful recycling is transforming it into something that becomes second nature.

Bardale Village brings you 5 tips to improve your recycling at home.

  1. A little R & R & R

When recycling at home, it’s important to keep the ‘3 Rs’ in mind:

Reduce, reuse and recycle – in that order.

Reducing the amount that we consume is the first step.

Next we need to identify constructive ways to reuse “waste” materials around the home.

With these considerations in mind, we turn to recycling.

  1. Set Up Recycling Bin

Having an easily accessible recycling bin in your home will help make recycling less of a schlep.

This doesn’t need to take up space, a simple recycling bag strategically placed will do the trick.

If you’re living in a double storey home, having an extra recycling bag upstairs will also help make the recycling process easier.

  1. Know what can be Recycled

Having a clear understanding of what can and can’t be recycled will also help speed things up.

Find more information about what can be recycled in South Africa.

  1. Include the Kids

Making recycling fun for the whole family will help make it feel like less of a hassle.

Introducing your kids to recycling from an early age will turn it into a habit, rather than a chore.

There are a number of fun recycling projects for kids that can aid them in understanding the benefits of recycling at home.

  1. Reuse Water

With the Western Cape water crisis continuing to escalate, reusing and saving water at home is vital.

Reusing greywater wherever possible can go a long way to reducing your water usage.

To help you be as waterwise as possible, Bardale Village has put together a list of easy ways to save water at home.

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