Things to do with Kids: Making a Family Cookbook

Things to do with Kids - Family Cookbook

Things to do with Kids: Making a Family Cookbook

Fun Family Activities

With the school holidays upon us, finding fun and educational things to do with kids can often be tricky.

A fun family activity is making your own family cookbook.

This will help your young ones practice some valuable life skills and also create a truly memorable family heirloom.

By making a family cookbook, your children will be able to explore their family history, develop reading, writing and organising skills, and also learn the basics of cooking.

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Let’s get those creative juices flowing!

Collect Recipes

Collecting recipes for your family cookbook is one of the most exciting parts.

If you’re planning on gathering with your family during the holidays, be sure to ask them to bring along one of their favourite recipes.

Relatives can also send them to you via email (or even snail-mail for the oldies).

Make a note of some of the crucial, as well as interesting, information that they should include.

A few crucial details include:

  • List of ingredients and quantities
  • Cooking directions with temperatures
  • Number of people it serves
  • Any special instructions or advice for perfecting the recipe

Some interesting information, that can help your kids learn more about the family could include:

  • Where the recipe came from and why it’s special?
  • How many generations it has been passed down through?

Choose Illustrations

Once you’ve received the different recipes, now comes the time to find the perfect illustrations.

Be sure to bring your children in here, using their artistic expertise to draw some pictures of their favourite foods.

They can also page through old magazines, cutting out bright and colourful pictures that match the recipes.

It’s important to remember that this is your cookbook, so let the creativity run wild!

Create Sections

Breaking the family cookbook down into different sections is a great idea.

You could even add a contents page at the start.

Add some basic categories such as main dishes, soups, salads, vegetables and desserts

This will teach them about the different food groups that make up a balanced diet.

Prepare Recipes

Have your children read the recipes over to make sure all the required information is there.

This will help them learn about the basics of cooking.

Depending on their age, the children may also want to rewrite the recipes.

This is a great idea, as some 20 – 30 years down the line they can look back at it with fond memories.

Beyond the Recipe

As this is a family cookbook, you may want to add some interesting family-specific snippets along the way.

Add information about family cooking traditions, or each member’s favourite food.

You could also ask your family members to mention their most memorable meal, or even their biggest cooking flop or kitchen catastrophe.

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