Indoor Activities for Kids This Rainy Season

Indoor Activities for Kids This Rainy Season

Indoor Activities for Kids This Rainy Season

Things to do with Kids at Home

With cold and cloudy weather predicted for the rest of the week, Bardale Village brings you some fun and easy indoor activities for kids.

Nearly all these activities are free or extremely cheap to set-up, with some requiring a little bit of planning from your side.

What are you waiting for? Switch off that TV and let the good times and giggles roll!

Keep the Balloon Up

While this may seem like a simple game, you’ll be surprised just how captivating it can become – especially when turned into a competition.

Simply blow up a few balloons and tell the young ones to stop them from touching the ground.

Be warned though, you may want to remove lamps and wall décor before the game begins, or else it may end with you sweeping up broken pieces of porcelain.


You don’t need to have expensive building blocks or the latest Lego to enjoy building at home.

Toilet roll towers with cardboard rooves and ice-cream stick fences will do just fine.

Take it up a notch by helping them turn their bedroom into a stylish pillow fort or blanket fort.

Magic Cup Game

Place a coin under 1 of 3 cups, shuffle them around and ask your child to guess which cup holds the coin.

Start slow and then speed up the shuffling, making it more and more challenging as you go.

Sneaky parents can strategically set up the cups near the table edge, secretly dropping the coin onto their lap while shuffling.

Watch the young one’s eyes light up in pure amazement as they try to figure out how the coin disappeared!

Indoor Bowling

With spacious living at Bardale Village, setting up a miniature indoor bowling rink will be easy.

Take recycling at home to a whole new level, line up 6 to 10 bottles on one side of the room and use a medium-sized ball and start bowling!

Increase the difficulty by filling the bottles with some water.


No list of indoor activities for kids would be complete without hide-and-seek.

This classic is guaranteed to keep the young ones occupied, giving you some time to catch up on emails, or simply enjoy some R&R.

Picnic Memory Game

This game is not only great for giggles, but also for supporting auditory memory, attention and listening.

Sit in a circle and start with the first person saying, “In my basket for the picnic, I packed…”, saying what item they’ve packed.

The next person needs to repeat “In my basket for the picnic, I packed…”, reciting what the first person said and then adding their own item.

Continue going around the circle for as long as possible.

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