Water Saving Tips for Saving Water in the Bathroom

Easy and affordable home water saving tips focused on saving water in the bathroom

Water Saving Tips for Saving Water in the Bathroom

Tackling Cape Town’s Level 5 Water Restrictions

In Bardale Village’s continued effort to beat the rising costs of living, we bring you some easy and affordable water saving tips, focused on saving water in the bathroom.

When Cape Town first implemented water restrictions, we took a general look at ways you could save water at home.

Then when the stepped tariff system kicked in, we delved deeper, focusing on affordable ways to save water in the kitchen.

With Level 5 implemented, let’s focus on water saving tips that will aid you in cutting back water usage in the bathroom.

Save Water at the Basin

A tap dripping at 1 drip per second can waste around 30 litres in a day.

That’s about 900 litres in a month!

With this in mind, it’s vital to turn the taps off when not in use.

  • Turn off the water when washing your hands, brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Rather than catching water in your hands, have a glass nearby for drinking or rinsing
  • Use a plug when washing face or hands

Save Water in the Shower

On average, showers use less water than bathing.

  • Place a bucket in the shower to catch the water – this water can be used to flush toilets or water outdoor plants
  • Install low-flow water saving shower heads
  • Turn off the water when washing
  • Explore the many affordable water saving devices that can help you cut usage

Save Water in the Bathtub

Most water saving tips will tell you to stick to showering, as baths use much more water.

  • Save water by having shallow baths
  • Put the plug in before starting to fill your bath and adjust temperature as you fill
  • Collected bath water can be used to fill toilets or water outdoor plants

Save Water with Toilets

Flushing is one of the main water wasters in the home.

  • Place a plastic bottle, filled with water, into your toilet tank to reduce the amount of water used per flush
  • Install a dual-flush or interruptible flush mechanism
  • Don’t use your toilet as a dustbin
  • Explore the many affordable toilet water saving devices available

Share your Water Saving Tips

Do you have any great bathroom water savings tips that we haven’t mentioned here?

Comment below and let us know!

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