5 Creative Ways to Save Water at Home

Creative Ways to Save Water at Home - Bardale Village

5 Creative Ways to Save Water at Home

Additional Water Saving Ideas

With the ongoing water crisis, we’ve already discussed a number of great ways to save water at home – now let’s discuss some more creative and lesser-known water saving ideas.

By now we should all be familiar with the typical tips for saving water at home, so what else can one do to cut back on water use?

Let’s push back Day Zero (and give our wallets a break) with these creative ways to save water at home:

Hand Washing Ideas

Washing your hands multiple times throughout the day can cause your water usage to stack up quickly.

To cut back on this, fill a small bowl with soapy water and use it to wash your hands through the day (only when necessary).

Hand sanitiser can be used for all the other times your hands need a quick clean.

Dry Shampoo

Washing your hair consumes a lot of water!

You should hopefully already be catching your hair washing water to use for flushing toilets.

Making use of dry shampoo can help prolong hair washing by a few days.

Using a leave-in conditioner can also help you save water at home.

Choose a Smaller Towel

Large bath towels require more water to wash and take up more room in the washing machine.

Using a smaller hand towel to dry yourself can help you save more water.

Take this to the next level by using a chamois or similar absorber cloth to dry yourself off.

Smart Teeth Brushing

Rather than opening your tap to wet and rinse your toothbrush, pour some water into a glass and use that instead.

This can be used to rinse your mouth and brush.

Not sure what to do with the bit of toothpaste water? Rather than throwing it down the drain, add it to your toilet cistern… Every drop helps!

Daily Water Usage Calculator

To help you calculate and keep track of your daily water usage, the City of Cape Town recently released a handy online water usage calculator.

While the values are loosely based on estimates, the calculator does make it easier to save and keep track of your water usage.

It also helps you discover approximately how much water different appliances and actions use.

Keep in mind that your actual usage will depend on your appliances and personal preferences.

Additional Ways to Save Water at Home

Do you have any unique and creative ways to save water at home?

Share them with us in a comment below!

To help you in your quest on cutting water usage, you can find additional tips for saving water in the kitchen and saving water in the bathroom.

You can also find more information regarding drought tolerant plants for a water wise garden.


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