Nifty Home Hacks for Smart Living

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Every homeowner could use a couple of nifty tricks and home hacks up their sleeve to help make their lives just a little bit easier. We have put together some fun and creative solutions that you may not have thought of or didn’t know exist!


Life Hacks For Home

Getting things done around your home doesn’t need to be a hair-raising experience. Life hacks offer some kind of solution to the time-consuming issues that we try to avoid. These nifty life hacks for your home don’t need a lot of time and uses things you probably already have sitting about.


In The Kitchen

Extend the life of your strawberries – Strawberries tend to get mouldy very quickly and we have the perfect solution to keep them ruby red for longer. Mix one cup of white vinegar with three cups of water and soak your strawberries for about five minutes right after you have purchased them. Dry them thoroughly and store in the fridge. This helps to keep your strawberries fresh for longer!

Don’t peel potatoes – Peeling potatoes before boiling can be very time consuming and we often end up throwing away more potato than we realise. Before adding the raw potatoes to the boiling water, give each potato a long cut around the width (about 2-3 cm long). By the time they are done, the thin layer of skin will simply wipe away.

Use foil in a pinch – Foil is great for cooking, but it can also be very useful to help scrub stubborn pots when your scourer is just not doing the job. Roll a little bit of foil into a ball. Then gently scrub your pots and pans to get rid of burnt on food.

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In The Living Room

Clean with ketchup – Brass and copper items can easily be restored using ketchup to polish and clean. Simply add some ketchup on a cloth and watch the shine return to your decorative items. To make your copper items look as good as new. Simply add a little table salt to the cloth before a gentle scrub.

Ice cubes on the carpet – Place ice cubes on the indents of your carpet where your furniture has been standing. When they have completely melted away, you can use an old toothbrush to fluff up the fibres if necessary. Then simple pat the area dry and be amazed at the good-as-new look of your carpets.

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In Your Room

Deep clean makeup brushes – Mix two parts antibacterial dishwashing liquid with one part olive oil. Gently swish a damp makeup brush through the mixture to dislodge built-up oils and old powders. Rinse thoroughly, keeping the handle dry and allow to air dry before using again.

Keep your shoes looking new – Scrub pre-soaked material sneaker with a mixture of one part baking soda and one and a half part laundry detergent before throwing them in the washing machine to get them looking brand new again. For synthetic sneakers, you can simply wipe your sneakers with a soapy cloth and water.

Remove scuff marks on nude, white, or neutral coloured patent heels by using a little petroleum jelly on a cotton bud to lift the marks.


A Handy Hack

Use rubber bands – Just about everyone has had to deal with the frustration of struggling with a stripped screw. Use a rubber band between the tip of your screwdriver and the screw itself. The extra grip and will help get the job done!

Having some nifty home hacks to fall back on can be vital for homeowners. For more tips on how to quickly and efficiently get some things done around your home, see our article on Spring Cleaning Tips This Autumn.

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