Fun New Home Celebrations After Buying a House

family enjoying dinner outside as new home celebrations

Moving into a new home is a fun and exciting experience, and sharing this momentous occasion with your friends and family is often something we all look forward to. Here are some great ways to have a New Home Celebration and host an enjoyable housewarming party.


Throwing A Housewarming Party

With a little bit of planning, moving into your new home could be done easily and without too much fuss. So, now that you have begun to settle in to your new location, let’s have a look at some fun, creative ideas to arrange a housewarming.



Create your guest list – Include your family and friends and even some of your new neighbours. Get creative and send out a couple of beautifully designed housewarming invitations. Remember to consider the size of your new home and how many people can comfortably move around in it.

Consider a date – Think about the weather on the date you choose; if it’s warm outside, you may enjoy having everyone around for an outside barbeque. If it’s cold, plan to offer some comfort foods and blankets.

Create a budget – If you pick a theme for your housewarming, consider what this might do to your budget. Decorations can become costly if your theme isn’t well thought out. How much are you willing to spend on snacks, food and drinks? If the budget is tight, tell your guest that you will be having a potluck party and that everyone should bring something to add to the table.


Pick A Theme

Help us out – If there are still some things on your to-do list within your new home, why not ask your guests to get handsy and help out? Let them unpack boxes, move furniture around, paint walls or do small repairs. This will involve everyone in your new home in a fun and memorable way.

Games night – Create areas that host various board and card games to get the laughs going. Or have everyone get together for a sporty game of 30 seconds while the meat is on and the drinks are plentiful. Games allow people to come together and get to know one another better, this is especially useful if you are creating relationships with your new neighbours.

Treasure hunt – Draw an accurate floor plan of your home that you can copy and give to all your guests. Hide some small trinkets or even a small gift around the house and allow your guest to seek out the treasures. This gives them an opportunity to discover your new home without having to take them on a tour and will get them excited to have a look around.

Piñata fun – If you feel like having an easy sit-down, then there is no reason to not get the kids involved. Build your own piñata with a balloon or from some of those boxes lying around, that they can bash up to get the goodies inside. Laughing, playing and happy children are a great way to ensure that everyone else is also having a good time.

Websites like Pinterest are brimming with great decorative and theme related ideas for you to consider.


Getting Ready

Just before your guests arrive, check that you have everything in place:

  • Make sure there is enough space to host your guests. Move objects away from pathways and ensure that there is adequate seating available.
  • If you are offering favours, make sure they are made up and ready to go.
  • Have all your eating and drinking utensils clean and ready for use.
  • Ensure that your bathrooms are clean and stocked with extra toilet paper, hand sanitizer and creams, towels, and air fresheners.
  • Involve your kids and allow them to help with the décor or favours to decrease the stress of doing it all alone.

Finally, remember to send thank you notes within the week after your housewarming. Easy electronic notes will allow you to make personalised cards to thank your guests for making the time to come and for any gifts you may have received.  

Housewarmings can be fun and exciting. Create unique memories in your new home and frame the pictures to put against your walls as a reminder of the special occasion!


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