How To Host A Kids Party At Home

Kids Party

Every birthday is a celebration in your home, especially when it is the kids’ turn. Planning a kids party at home for your child is a great way to save money, especially with the rising costs of renting a venue.

Let’s have a look at some great, cost-effective ideas to host your child’s next birthday in a flash.


Throwing A Party Your Child Will Love


  • Choose a theme

All party planning begins with choosing a party theme that your child can relate to. If they are old enough, get them involved in picking the right theme and choosing the decorations that will go along with it. Try to pick a theme that your child shows interest in if your children are too young to make the choice. Themes like Bob the Builder, Candy Land, Teddy Bear Picnic or a Safari Party are all popular themes for little ones.


  • Determine your available space

Be realistic about how many people can comfortably fit in your home. Remember that some parents will choose to stay and there might be a few unexpected siblings joining the party. The general rule is that you should invite the same amount of children as the age of your child, plus one guest. So, if your son is turning 3, aim to invite only 4 friends. This is a guideline only and you are welcome to invite as many friends as your children manage to twist your arm for.


  • Sending the invite

Creating a WhatsApp group to send the invite has fast become the preferred way of handing out invites. No printing necessary. This is also a great way of keeping everyone up to date with reminders or to let them know of changes, all at once. Finally, you can send all the photos you took of the party to everyone to enjoy and use this platform to thank everyone for attending.


  • Prepare party bags

Kids love taking something home, no matter what’s inside. Keep their ages in mind when choosing appropriate fillers. Items like bubbles, stickers, bouncy balls and a few sweets are favourites under the little ones and won’t cost too much. Consider having an arts and crafts activity where the children can make their own jewellery, slimy goo or painted artwork to take home.


  • Yummy snacks

Keep it light and fun. Serve popcorn and frozen bananas. You don’t have to break the bank to feed the masses. Setting out several bowls of each item will give the illusion that there is a lot more than there actually is. Most children love fresh fruit; prevent the inevitable sugar rush from crashing the party by serving bowls of grapes, strawberries and other seasonal fruits. Make it extra fun by decorating the fruit in fun shapes and designs.


  • Plan activities

Set up small stations where the children can entertain themselves. Clay, building blocks, and colouring a birthday sign are fun activities to keep them busy that don’t require a large space or need to cost you anything. If you have an older child about, ask them to paint the children’s faces or to stick on temporary tattoos.


Planning a birthday bash doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you follow these easy guidelines, you will be sure to host a party your child will love. Remember to keep it really simple, most children enjoy the small things and will find joy in just about anything.

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