A New Or An Old House? Which Is Better To Buy – First-time Buyers

New or an old house

How will you know that you are making the right decision for you and your family when it comes to choosing between a new or an old house? If you are buying a home for the very first time, then you might consider these benefits and downfalls on both the new and the old to guide you in making the right choice.


Pros And Cons


When looking at existing homes, these are the things you might look forward to:


  • The properties are generally bigger, with the inclusion of a yard and swimming pool.
  • There is character in some of these older homes. Some have historical home designs and others have had many years with loving owners.
  • The vegetation will be well established. Trees will have grown into canopy sizes and gardens will be more grown out.
  • There is an established neighbourhood community. Many of whom will have known and supported each other for many years.


  • Maintenance is on the up. Caring for an older home requires a bit more time and money.
  • Older homes are generally more expensive since these homes are generally on larger properties and in more sought-after areas.
  • The house might need modernisation in terms of installing adequate wiring for your high-speed internet etc.


If you are interested in a new development, then these are the things you can look out for:


  • There will be warranties in place. If the building contractor is registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC), you will qualify for a 5-year major structural defect warranty and 1-year roof leak warranty.
  • The house will require hardly any maintenance for the first few years since everything is brand-new.
  • New developments are mostly built in secure estate areas, offering you peace of mind on your family’s safety.
  • Your potential to save money when buying a new development is much higher since VAT and transfer costs are managed by the developer.


  • Be sure to know what your finished fixtures are going to look like as new developers may change them during the build.
  • Vegetation is underdeveloped, meaning trees will be small and gardens are not yet established.
  • New developments mean new communities, but this could also be an opportunity to establish a great neighbourhood community if you are always willing to make all the new neighbours feel at home.


Choosing between a new or an old house comes down to your personal needs and preferences. Try to determine all the things your new home should provide for your family. If your biggest concern is being within the proximity of your preferred school, then the choice may be limited to what is available in the area. If you are a young family who prefers a cosy first home with the added addition of security, it may be a good idea to view some of the great new developments that are available.

Bardale Village has recently introduced our newest development to the public. The Milkwood Townhouse Complex is now available for viewing in the beautiful neighbourhood of Kuils River. Find your ideal new home with us, contact one of our agents to book a viewing appointment today!

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