Kuils River: Cape Town Suburbs You Should Consider Moving To

Kuils River Suburb in Cape Town

This month, we explore the suburb of Kuils River in Cape Town and learn what makes this suburb so great for families to consider moving to. There are many South African families who are looking for the best place to raise their kids and we believe that Kuils River lies right at the top of the list.


Family Living Suburb


Originally, the suburb of Kuils River was split into cattle farmland, owned by the Dutch India East Company. Earning its name from the nearby river with its many pools, Kuils River built its first homes and school in 1898. Kuils River was later considered to be a town with its own municipal status.

In recent years, Kuils River has become a tranquil and calm suburb, nestled amongst some of the still existing farmlands. Kuils River has become known to be the gateway to the Wine Route of South Africa because of its nearness and access to Stellenbosch. Kuils River also has two of its own wine farms. Zevenwacht Wine Estate is found right at the border of the Stellenbosch route, while Saxenburg Wine Estate lies tucked against the hills, both boasting with many years of successful winemaking.

Kuils River is also a mere 30minute drive to the centre of Cape Town and is even closer still to Cape Town International airport. The suburb is within a very short distance of the N1, N2 and R300, even though none of these routes run directly through the suburb. This helps to separate it from any potential commercialisation and promoting it as a peaceful living area.

Many tourists have recently discovered this calm suburb and have continuously made this their temporary residence while exploring the greater region. This does not mean that there is nothing to do in Kuils River by any means. Kuils River boasts with great places to eat, fun must-see landmarks and outdoor venues for young and old to enjoy together.

Many communities-styled estates are built in the area, making it an ideal and safe area to raise a family. You can also read our article on how to find great family-friendly suburbs. There you will find more great tips to help you identify the best places to raise your family or to simply be a part of a like-minded community.


Bardale Village has been proud to promote this lifestyle by creating developments that have made Kuils River an affordable option for their new home.
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