Growing Herbs – Do It From Your Kitchen

Growing Herbs in Your Kitchen

Growing a little garden of herbs in your kitchen has many advantages. Not only will you have garden-to-table freshness in all your meals, but they also look and smell amazing. Whether you have a green thumb, or not, here are some great ideas to create your own kitchen garden for growing herbs.


Delicious Flavour Boosters


First things first; you are bound to love a few of the best herbs to grow indoors here:

  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Coriander
  • Lemongrass
  • Basil
  • Bay leaves
  • Parsley


Planting herbs is really easy to do with a few simple hacks and trick. The wonderful thing about it is that you can begin to harvest immediately after planting your herbs. Here are some clever ways to bring your kitchen garden to life.


1. Getting started

The best way to start your garden is to simply buy your favourites at your local gardening shop. Choose your pots, making sure that they are preferably terracotta or similar, to promote aeration to allow your growing herbs to breathe.
A common mistake is to plant several herbs in the same container. Even though it might look amazing, there are a few herbs that might outgrow and eventually suffocate their neighbouring plants. Choosing individual pots will allow you to contain each herb, as well as making it easy to move when needed.


2. Caring for your herbs

Make sure that there is enough space inside of each pot to allow your herbs to grow and flourish. Water regularly at first, then slowly decrease the amount of water. Take care not to overwater during the winter but keep them in a warm spot where they might have a little sunshine. Regular trimming will promote growth so feel free to trim the tops to your heart’s content.


3. Harvesting and care

Always use a sharp pair of scissors to cut or trim your herbs. Never cut more than a third of each plant since this will cause the plant to have a long and slow recovery. Learn how to trim your herbs to keep them happy through cutting, pinching and pruning.


Useful hacks

  • Some herbs, like rosemary, basil and thyme, prefer soil with more lime in it. Adding some crushed eggshell into your soil should do the trick.
  • If your windowsills are too narrow for a herb garden, try using vertical planter garden that you can stick to your walls or windows.
  • You don’t have to plant herbs to have herbs! Buy the freshest bushels of herbs you can find at your local supermarket. Trim the bottoms, taking off any leaves that might be low-hanging. Place your bushels in clear glass bottles filled with water on your windowsill and have fresh herbs at your fingertips for weeks.
  • Use fertilizers that promote foliage and leaf growth, not flowers.
  • Crush rosemary gently with your fingertips to make your kitchen smell amazing.


Creating a kitchen garden is a fun thing that you can do with your whole family. Get everyone involved to choose their favourite herbs and allow each member of your family to care for their own little pot. Use your herbs in your recipes in your own family cookbook!

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