5 Ways To Make A Small Home Feel Bigger

Kids Make A Small Home Feel Bigger

Your home is your castle, even when it does not quite meet the size standard of a castle. In most cases, we choose to rather benefit from buying smaller homes and slowly build our way up. Luckily, there are easy ways to make your small home feel much bigger than it really is.

Create an open home with the impression of added size. Here are some of the simplest ways to create space in a small home.


Add Space Where There Isn’t


1. Declutter!

Less clutter in your space will give the impression of more room. Choose a few favourite family photos that you can rotate to keep things fresh, without cluttering them all in the same space. Also, pick simple lines and designs for your décor with only one or two statement pieces. Pack away everything that leaves the room feeling filled to the brim. This allows you to have a comfortable flow around your home without feeling overwhelmed.


2. Furniture

Place your furniture a few centimetres away from the walls. This gives the illusion of more space. Choose furniture with visible legs, allowing a visible space underneath your furniture, again creating the illusion of more space. In some spaces, it might be worth considering one large item of furniture like an L-shaped couch instead of multiple seating pieces standing about. Just make sure that the furniture fits your space perfectly, before spending any money!


3. Paint

Choose light coloured paint for the walls and ceiling. A light room feels spacious compared to darker colours that tend to make rooms feel a lot smaller than they really are. Choosing a light pattern for the roof, like silver coloured stripes or other patterns, will draw the eye upward, making the room feel a bit taller.


4. Mirrors

A perfectly placed mirror can instantly double the size of a small room and will add depth to your room. Alternatively, choose décor that will help to reflect light, therefore making the room feel larger than it is. Remember to check that whatever the mirror is reflecting is appealing and worth looking at!


5. Curtains and drapes

A clever trick to make a small home feel bigger is to install your curtains in such a way that fools visitors into thinking that the space is larger than it is. Hang your curtains or drapes a little higher than expected, extending further out on the sides as well. This makes it feel as if the window is much larger than it actually is, tricking our brains into thinking the room is bigger by default.


With these 5 simple steps and a bit of planning, you can easily make your small home feel bigger. Considering that smaller homes offer greater returns, it is no surprise that we would rather make a little more effort to make our smaller homes suit our needs. This is also a great way to get into the property market if you are a first-time homeowner.

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