What Is A Smart Shower And Why Should You Get One?

Happy Woman in Bathroom with Smart Shower

Whether you shower in the morning before work, or at night before bed, there is very little that is more rejuvenating than the moment its warm water washes over you. Very few will sacrifice their shower time in any way. This has encouraged some market leaders to come up with ways to use this time as effectively as possible. Introducing Smart Showers!

Smart showers are reported to make a massive impact on the environment and can also benefit you by helping you save money on your monthly bills. They can be especially useful to help in areas, like the Western Cape, where there have been severe water shortages over the last few years.


A Clever Way To Save

So, let us look at what a smart shower offers and how you can benefit from having one installed.


Save water

Get eco-savvy and save the water wastage that occurs every time you switch your shower on. Waiting for the warm water to reach your shower leads to quite a bit of water waste, just as the time spent to lather up when you are not even in the water.

Most Smart Showers come with ground-breaking technology that gets your hot water to your shower head in a flash while regulating the flow when you are not making use of the current water flow.

Some Smart Showers have designs that cause the water to pulse or wave, using less water without compromising your water pressure.

Save money

Seeing as you are getting the right temperatures and effectively wasting less water in the shower, it is easy to see how you will save money on both your electricity and your water usage.

By installing a Smart Shower that can indicate the amount of time that you should ideally spend in the shower, you will be able to save even more money and energy. Your showers will likely become shorter and more efficient and you may even be able to cut your monthly bill in half with some eco-shower heads.

Super convenient

With no need to turn knobs, setting temperatures, adjusting the flow, and so forth, your Smart Shower will become one of the most convenient gadgets to have on your home. Some Smart Showers can be set using your smartphone and have been developed to be mostly automated.
These shower systems have become highly interactive over the last few years and have become something of a favourite amongst those who enjoy a tech-savvy home.

Fashionably designed

You can comfortably show off with these awesome designs. There are Smart Showers that come with LED lighting, Bluetooth speaker systems and touchpad controls. They look sleek and classy without compromising your personal space.
With so many Smart Showers options available on the market these days, you are bound to find one that will suit you perfectly, making your showers so much more fun. Even if you prefer none of the faff, you will be well pleased with the overall effect.

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