Easy Christmas Decorations You Can Make As A Family

Easy Christmas Decorations

‘Tis the season to be jolly! The year is finally drawing to a close and we are all looking forward to some time spent relaxing at home with our friends and family. If you are one of those who are only getting around to putting up your Christmas decorations, then we have some great and easy Christmas decoration ideas you can make with the whole family.


Paper, Scissors and Glue


  1. Make a wreath

There simply isn’t a Christmas decoration that is easier to make than a wreath. With so many bright and unique ideas, you are bound to find one that you would like to try your hand at!


  1. Easy Snowman

For a different take on wreaths, why not create a snowman wall hanging? Simply take three strings of green tinsel and tie them into different sized circles. Stack them atop one another, add a little black scarf between the top two with a little paper hat atop the top circle.


  1. Decorate pinecones

Simply spray or paint a few pinecones in metallic colours, sprinkle a bit of glitter and use them to decorate in vases or hang around the house (or tree) with ribbons. Pretty, easy and cheap.


  1. Decorate with throw pillows

Wrap a ribbon around the throw pillows on your chairs and couches to make it look like there are Christmas presents lying around everywhere! This is an easy decoration that the kids will really love.


  1. Make paper angels

Everyone loves making and decorating their own paper angels. Look at this paper angel template with instructions and gather the family to enjoy a memorable moment together.


  1. String popcorn

Easy as pie – pop some popcorn, thread on a piece of string and… Voila! An awesome decorative string for the tree or around the house. Just try not to eat all the popcorn before finishing the string!


  1. Bake gifts and decorations

Get the family into the kitchen and bake delicious cookies that they can decorate and place in clear packets to hand out as Christmas gifts to the neighbours. Or make a tiny hole at the top of each cookie before baking to allow you to thread a ribbon through to hang in your Christmas tree.


  1. Make craft stick tree decorations

With a few simple craft materials, the kids can have fun making crafts stick ornaments. Making Santas, reindeers or elves have never been this much fun or easy. And the kids will love putting these cute decorations up that they made by themselves.


  1. Decorative handprint decorations

These great handprint Christmas trees are not only adorable but make for a great item for a memory box. Write a small message on the back and share them with family and friends to make it extra special.


  1. Getting even more sentimental

Another great way to make some long-lasting memories is to make these sourdough handprint ornaments. The kids love the textile activity and can have a bit of creative freedom to paint their completed items before either hanging them around the house or gifting them to loved ones.


Christmas is closely tied to spending some quality time with the people you love. Doing a fun activity such as these easy Christmas decorations is a great way to create memories and to enjoy the people around you.

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