Tips and Tricks – Moving During The Holiday Season?

Moving during the holiday

Moving from one home to another is always an exciting, hard-working adventure. Some dig in and use the opportunity to rediscover and sort through all the things they own. Others prefer to let someone else handle the task of packing everything up and moving it to the new house.


Moving requires a bit of logistical planning, no matter when you take on the challenge. But moving during the holiday season requires just a little more consideration to help the process run as smooth as possible. Whether you are eagerly looking forward to moving into your new home or still trying to figure out where to get the boxes, we reveal a few tips and tricks that you will be glad to know of before the big Moving-Day.


Prepare In Advance


Top Tip!


It goes without saying that there is quite a bit of planning during any move, but moving during the holiday season will demand a bit more planning. Here are our best tips and tricks to help you prepare in advance for the day you get to move to your new home.


  1. Schedule your leave

Planning your move during this time might take a huge weight off your shoulders if you are fortunate enough to have annual leave over the holiday period. Not only will you have more time to pack your belongings carefully, but you will also enjoy the unpacking a bit more. With no time constraint, you will have the freedom to make your move stress free. If you do not have leave days, try to plan your family activities around the packing by including the family members in the task. Ask friends who have some time off to help if possible and try not to fill your schedule too much with other holiday activities.


  1. Manage your budget carefully

Moving will cost a bit of money. But so does buying Christmas gifts and going on fun family outings. Set your budget up carefully and ensure that you have enough legroom for all your possible expenses, including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, gift wrapping paper, gifts and so on. Consider whether you might make use of a moving company and include their costs to your budget. Don’t forget to include your month-to-month expenses, to give you a clear picture of what your finances will look like until the end of January.


  1. Plan your donations

Make a list of all the furniture or other useful items that you would like to give to charity organisations. Some charities will pick your items up right at your door. Set those things aside or have them removed before moving day arrives, making sure you have one less thing to think about when the time comes. While you are packing, you may find trinkets and clothes that you can donate too. Go ahead and bless someone else this holiday season!


  1. Christmas considerations

Make sure that you pack and clearly mark all your Christmas decorations. This way you will immediately be able to make it more festive when you get to your new home and maintain the holiday spirit. Think of ways to make it fun for the family and make a great show of placing your tree in your new home. Nothing can stop you from placing some tinsel here and there even if you are only moving after Christmas.


Make moving during the holiday season fun for the whole family by including everyone and planning a little bit ahead. With these tips and tricks, you are sure to lessen your load and you will be able to enjoy the new adventure so much more.


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