Plan A Neighbourhood Christmas Party

Neighbourhood Christmas

Living in a strong community has many great benefits, including having someone who can help you quickly when you need a few eggs. But to have a strong community, the people in the neighbourhood must have an opportunity to get to know each other really well. The best way to do this is to get everyone together every now and then, and throwing a neighbourhood Christmas party is a wonderful way of getting everyone involved.


We share some great ideas to have the neighbours socializing without costing too much time and money. Put on your Santa hat and break out the tongs!


Get The Community Involved



Choosing a date and time that will suit everyone is almost always a complication. A day like a Saturday or Sunday is usually best when you know most people are at home. But remember that, since this is the holiday season, many neighbours may have already gone away. To get most of the neighbourhood in attendance, pick a date approximately two weeks before Christmas day.



Promote the neighbourhood Christmas party by speaking to neighbours regularly about it. Neighbours will speak to other neighbours and soon everyone will be talking about the upcoming event. If you are a creative sort or one of your neighbours are willing to tackle this, have some small invitation cards made for each home in the street that details all the particulars.


Decorative Hurdles

Ask a few of the neighbours if they would be willing to help set up from their own collections. If you are having a street party, ask your neighbours to decorate the outsides of their homes. This takes care of the decoration aspect without anyone having to buy additional lighting and tinsel.


Food and drinks

A great way to spread the funds is to arrange for a bring-and-braai, allowing each family to cater for themselves. A picnic is also a great idea to encourage neighbours to look after their own needs while spending some quality time with the rest of the neighbourhood. Another idea is to host a potluck party where everyone can bring a dish to add to a big table for everyone to enjoy. Kindly ask neighbours to supply their own drinks too.


Tables and chair

If your party is small and you can all fit into your home, then you will need to find ways to entertain everyone with the furniture you have on hand. Alternatively, if you are throwing a block/street party, ask your neighbours to bring blankets and chairs to sit on. Some neighbours could assist with tables, even if it is a few coffee tables spread around the sitting area.


Where the money comes in

Besides providing food and drinks for your own family, small things items serviettes and trash bags will need to be acquired. These are mostly miscellaneous items and won’t cost more than anyone can afford. With the help and input of your neighbours, there will be very little that you will do on your own.


No matter how informal the neighbourhood Christmas party ends up being, you are bound to have a good time with your community, friends and family. This is a great way to bring everyone together and form stronger bonds with the people who live around you.


The Milkwood Townhouse Complex is a community-driven development that is ideal safe place to raise a young family. Read more of our great ideas on how to get to know your neighbours and community and how to secure your home while you are away this Christmas holiday.

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