DIY Projects: Build A Fairy Garden With Your Kids

Garden With Your Kids

Spending time with your family, especially your children, is an important way of cementing relationships with the people you love the most. Doing a few, easy DIY projects together is a great way to have fun together. Check out this great Fairy Garden DIY project. It will have your kids clapping their hands with glee.


Fun For The Whole Family


There are garden fairies who work diligently in and around the garden day after day. What better way to show them some love than by making them a special place where they can also kick their feet up at the end of a hard day’s work!  


With these easy tips and ideas, you’ll have a great home for any fairy who might be dwelling in your garden. Get the family together and have fun with this easy DIY project.


Choose a pot or container


A broken pot, old shoe box or shallow tub are all great for containing a fairy garden. Choose a vessel that will be easily negotiated by little hands. That is big enough to hold a few plants, furniture items, figurines or just about anything you would like to add.


Soil and plants


Any soil will do if your garden is designed for temporary fun. Scoop some from your existing garden and use a few garden trimmings to make trees, flowers and ground cover.

If your garden is designed for future enjoyment – Choose a soil that drains easily and that will feed and care for the plants you add to your garden. Microgreens and small flowering plants are great and will ensure regular visitation. Therefor your garden grow and blossom is also very rewarding. 


Fairy Furniture


There are loads of fairy garden furniture items available on the web. However, it is so much more fun to build your own DIY fairy furniture! With a few basic items, you can even build a neat little fairy house that will be fun to make together. Get creative and use twigs, leaves and string to build a few things to decorate your garden.


The fun part!


Start by placing your soil in your container. Plant your flowers, herbs or garden trimmings to create the setting of a garden. Place your decorative items in your garden. Ensure that there is enough room for the fairies to stroll around and enjoy their new garden. Remember to water the garden regularly to ensure that the garden stays beautiful!


Give your children the opportunity to help with the design and layout of the garden. This helps them to take ownership of your project and will encourage them to care for their garden. Fairy gardens activate the imagination; allow your kids to have a bit of creative freedom and move things around.


Some families are known to build a new DIY fairy garden every year. The whole family will be given an opportunity to create a tradition while learning about plants and the environment. 

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