New Year Resolutions That Will Work For You

New Year Resolutions

The tradition of making new year’s resolution can arguably date back roughly 4,000 years. The ancient Babylonians were the first people to mark a day in the year where they would crop new plants and crowned their new king. Since then, the history of new year’s resolutions have swerved and curved much like a winding river. Today we basically celebrate each new year by setting ourselves some goals we hope to achieve.


It is the beginning of a brand-new year and people everywhere are either making mental or written notes on things they would like to do better. The crux lies in sticking to those goals and successfully tick each box.


Keep It Realistic And Attainable


The secret to setting your new year’s resolutions is to keep them realistic, manageable, attainable and meaningful. Well thought out goals can make the difference between success and failure; focussing on what motivates you instead of the final result is the secret to a winning recipe!


So, grab your pen and paper and see which of these will be the ones you can conquer. Add a few of your own to suit your personal preferences.


Laugh a lot

Laughing fills everyone’s emotional tanks. It also leads to positive attitudes and outlooks and will leave those around you feeling good about themselves. If you do not know how to get laughing, start by watching great comedy films or going to stand-up comedy events. Playing board games with family and friends have also proven to be a great source of laughter.


Quality over quantity

Vow to spend more quality time with the people you love instead of sticking with the “I have no time” routine. A little time is enough if the quality of each visit is enhanced. Put away your electronic devices and make some eye contact. Talk, listen, laugh and build standing relationships with those around you.


Look after yourself

Pick up a hobby or sport that will keep you busy for at least one hour a week. This will leave you refreshed and ready to get back into the grind. Or, try to regularly book a facial or a massage to make you feel great and to boost your mood.



Attempt to spend one day a month volunteering at a charity organisation or similar. Not only will you be a massive help to those you are volunteering at, but you will also leave feeling good about yourself and your good deed. Looking at it simply as giving 12 days in your year to helping somebody else.



Nothing saps a person’s energy more than coming home after a long day and finding your home full of things you do not even use. Donate what you can, pack the rest neatly away, choose a few choice family pictures to display and leave your home free of everything else unnecessary. This is also why spring cleaning is so popular since it leaves your home and your mind feeling refreshed.


Establish a tech-free day

Set a rule that one day of the week (whichever suits you best) you will be completely tech-free. It might be best over a weekend when you and your family can spend the day outdoors or with friends without needing your computer, phone or even your TV.


Whichever goals you set yourself, there is no reason not to include the whole family. Sit together and come up with a few goals your entire family can take ownership of. Help your kids to set up their own goals and make sure to celebrate each milestone you reach.


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