Smart Taps – Everything You Need To Know

Saving water


Smart homes are the future. Nowadays, many people build smart homes from the ground up. But there are many great gadgets that can be installed in existing homes to make life a whole lot easier. From remotely controlled ovens to energy-saving lighting, there are great ways to bring your home into the future.


Smart taps are one of those nifty gadgets that are worth investing in. Especially since saving water has become a high priority in our country. Let us share some of the best reasons why smart taps are a great addition to your home.


Being Water-Wise


Smart taps have been around for some time already. Over the last few years, the technology being used in smart tap have greatly improved. Here are some of the best reasons to consider installing smart taps in your home.


  1. Set the right temperature

Imagine turning the tap on and it is immediately at the desired temperature. Smart taps adjust the temperature of the water before it is opened. This means that there is no waiting around or endlessly fiddling to get the water to the right temperature.


  1. Saving water

By not waiting for the water to adjust to the correct temperatures, you immediately start to save water. Just consider how much water goes to waste while it comes to a comfortable temperature. Most smart taps also regulate to water flow and will tell you exactly how much water is being used. Finally, they have an auto shutdown built in to prevent unnecessary water loss and alerts in the event of leaks.


  1. Fewer germs

Smart taps can be either voice-activated, or motion activated. This means that there are less dirty hands touching the tap. Statistically, your taps are more germ-infested than your computer’s keyboard. So, if there is an opportunity to keep the kitchen or bathroom as germ-free as possible, wouldn’t you grab it?


  1. Voice activated

Some smart taps can link up with devices like Alexa or Echo. This allows you to control your smart taps through voice commands. Awesome, right? Imagine telling your tap to adjust the temperature while you are busy with the dishes. Or to give you an update of how much water you just used.


  1. Child-friendly

Many parents can attest that their kids have trouble reaching the tap to wash hands or brush teeth. With a motion detecting or touch-activated tap, your children will be able to do all these things by themselves. We have seen these taps installed in public restrooms and they are available for your own home too.


With these reasons above, you have no reason not to consider having one or more smart tap in your home. Read our articles on smart showers and other creative ways to save water in and around your home.

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