3 Benefits To Using An Estate Agent

Using An Estate Agent

To use an estate agent, or not. That is the question. This might be one of the questions that come to mind when stepping on the property ladder. If you are a buyer or a seller looking for a new home, then this is something worth considering.


We share 3 great benefits of why you might consider the service of an estate agent.


Taking Care Of The Business End


One of the things that most buyers and sellers think of regarding agents is the fees involved. Each transaction allows an agent to claim percentage commission since this is their only form of earning. Effectively, you are paying for this knowledgeable person’s service. This is fair, considering what they do to assist their clients in the property markets.


Here are the 3 best reasons to use an estate agent.


  1. Let them do the legwork

There is an underestimated value to the leg work that most estate agents do. To buyers, they will find various homes within your budget and specification for you. All you need to do is give them your ideal checklist. To sellers, they will photograph, market and source buyers on your behalf, leaving you with little else to do. Agents have the resources to successfully complete transactions in almost half the time you would have otherwise spent.


  1. Knowledge is power

Estate agents live and breath everything in the market. This means that they can give you tons of information on things like ideal neighbourhoods, property values and averages. Most agents will be able to tell you where the closest convenience stores, schools and other recreational facilities are. They will be able to tell you if your asking price is within the market average. Or if the home you are interested in is overpriced or not. Industry knowledge is often second to none.


  1. Fine print

One of the biggest benefits of having an agent is that they know and understand the fine print. In any transaction, there is quite a bit of documentation that needs to be completed and verified. They are also very helpful in translating some of the legal jargon that has most people spinning in circles. Whether you are buying or selling, they will be able to ensure that the transaction is sound. They ensure that their client’s best interests are protected and that everyone walks away happy.


  1. BONUS: Buying directly from a developer

Developers have their own agents who do not work on commission per transaction. This means that you will enjoy most of the expertise of an agent, but without the cost. Since you will be the first owner of the home, the transaction will also go down much faster and smoother. Buying directly from a developer will lead to you saving quite a bit on costs, including tax and transfer costs.


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