5 Ways To Gain Storage Space In Your Kitchen

Storage Space In Your Kitchen

If there is a way to gain storage in your kitchen, would you do it? It is almost not even a valid question.


Whether your drawers are brimming over or if you are a foodie who needs space for the new fryer. We have some useful solution to help you get more space in the heart of your home.


Getting Much-Needed Space


  1. Magnetic Knife Block

Buy an entire drawer’s space with this nifty hack. These easy to apply strips allows you to safely and neatly store your kitchen knives. As an additional bonus, you can even use them to mount steel utensils, buying you even more drawer space. Not only is this a great space hack, but it also looks good and is quite functional. Magnetic strips are a great way to mount those sharp tools well out of little finger’s way too.


  1. Mounted Spice Racks

Score some much-needed cupboard space by mounting your spices inside the cupboard door. Mount small baskets or spice racks to hold your spices upright. Or use magnets to attach your herb and spice containers to the side of the fridge. This looks neat and is very practical for those whose fridge is close to the stove. This also allows you to find a spice easily instead of unpacking an entire shelf to get a single item. Very convenient.


  1. Hanging Pots and Pans

If your kitchen has space to do this, then hanging your pots is a great way to gain storage. Look for space above your stove, in the roof or even the window. Simply mount a pressure rod between the available inner walls of the window with hooks, and you’re done! There are some nifty hacks for storing pot lids too. And before you know it you have created a whole lot of additional space in your kitchen!


  1. Vertical Kitchen Organisers

Use available wall space better by installing vertical organisers. These are small containers that you can easily mount right up on the wall in strategic places. Store kitchen utensils, tools or even cutlery in an effective way. Make it a little more interesting by incorporating your kitchen herb garden for a fresh look. Again, this looks amazing while being truly practical in your kitchen.


  1. Use Bins and Cubbies

There are many great ways to organise your cupboards. Using bins, cubbies, magazine holders or other containers is a great way to add space. Not only will it help you to organise your space, but you will also have better access to your kitchenware. This is especially helpful if you feel that you need to often unpack an entire cupboard to find something. For an additional bonus, this same trick can make a massive difference in organising your pantry too!


If you are simply looking to spring-clean and clear out some unused items, please consider donating to charity. These items are often much needed and can easily find an appreciative home. Also, read our article on spring cleaning tips in autumn that might prove useful this season.


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