Best Bathroom Makeover Tips On A Budget


If you consider all the rooms in your house that are worth making over, the bathroom will be along the top of the list. Not only is it a room that is used a lot, but it can easily become a little outdated or dreary.


Another great reason to consider giving your bathroom a makeover is that it absolutely adds value to your house! Don’t let the thought of spending money on your bathroom deflate you, though. Here are some great tips on how you can update the look of your bathroom on a budget.


Gorgeous Bathroom Facelift


The first important thing you need to do is to determine your budget. If your budget is on the lower amounts, you might only consider a few simple cosmetic changes. A larger budget will enable you to replace bathtubs, shower and fixtures.


  1. The walls

On a super tight budget – A refreshing paint colour can make a huge difference to any room. Choose colours that suit your personality or a specific theme. If you paint the walls yourself, you will manage to save quite a bit of money but still enjoy a massive change.

On a more flexible budget – If you are able to spend a little more money, look at the possibility of updating your tiles. Mosaics and stylised tiles can bring a wonderfully fresh look to your bathroom. Alternatively, consider wallpapers that are safe to use in a bathroom.


  1. The fixtures

On a super tight budget – Simply replacing a tap can often make the entire basin, shower or bath look brand new. You might also be able to do a little plumbing of yourself and save the costs of a plumber. An updated tap or faucet can make the bathroom look almost new.

On a more flexible budget – Shop around and look at the viability of replacing all the fixtures to match style and themes. Now would also be a good time to consider installing smart taps or shower heads. This is great for gearing your home to be more environmentally friendly and increasing the value.


  1. Wall decorations

On a super tight budget – Bring in new and fresh artwork or photos. The great thing about this is that you can continuously change them at no cost while keeping things fresh. Have fun with this and hang a big clock in there that you might later move to the kitchen and so on.

On a more flexible budget – Install a few DIY shelves that will not only give you more storage but can be used as a feature. Paint them to match your colour scheme then fill them with rolled towels or ornate decorations.


  1. Rugs and mats 

On a super tight budget – A new rug or mat can add loads of luxury to your bathroom. On a tight budget you might have to go smaller, so consider having two. The varieties of colours available will be sure to match your theme and style.

On a more flexible budget – A plush bathroom rug in front of your bath or shower can make a bathroom look entirely different. The bigger, the better!


  1. Indoor plants

On a super tight budget – A pretty pot with small colourful flowers can make all the difference when creating a relaxing space. They do not cost much and can easily be moved around the bathroom to keep things interesting.

On a more flexible budget – Go for lusher floor standing pot plants if you have space or get luxurious with an orchid. Fresh, live plants bring calmness to a room and can easily be swapped out with other plants whenever you want.


If you follow just a few of these tips, you’d easily have a bathroom that looks like a different room entirely. Read our articles on decorating a main bedroom and a child’s bedroom on a budget for more great ideas.

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