Paint Schemes That Will Always Work For Your Interior

Most people do not always find it easy to plan an update on your home’s interior. Especially when you need to pair paint schemes that make the interior of your home look welcoming and well planned. We help you to take the guesswork out of interior design with these palettes that always look good. Look at these samples and choose one that suits your style the best.


Take The Guess Work Out of Design


There are colours that pair brilliantly together, like black and white, which is always a timeless option. But if you are looking for a spot of colour, consider these paint schemes for a fresh new look.


  1. Red and grey

Deep reds work wonderfully with almost any shade of grey. Choose an accent wall and paint it a rich warm red. Paint the rest of the walls in a welcoming grey tone. Finally, complete the look with a few red decorative features to tie in the colour scheme. This is a wonderful option for those with a passionate streak to show a bit of their personality at home.


  1. Neutral shades

Neutral shades are great for calming spaces like main bedrooms and bathrooms. The great thing about neutral colours is that they are a great background for any style of decor. They pair easily with anything from earth-toned accents to brightly colour art pieces and furniture. Neutral shades are great for anyone who does not want to make features of the walls.


  1. Royal or dark blues and white

Decadent and rich. The most striking room have often paired these two colours together. This paint scheme will look great in almost any room of your house. Paint the walls in deep blues and use the white to highlight certain areas. Imagine white curtains, window frames and cornicing. Or crisp white picture frames, clocks and throws. This brings a royal touch to your personal space with a very modern look.


  1. Pastels

Pastels are very adaptable and can be matched with most stronger colour. However, current fashion sees pastel colours mixed with other pastels. Pastels can easily be matched. Pink, blues, greens and yellows can suddenly be in the same room without giving someone a headache. They are also wonderful for baby and toddler rooms to bring a subtle shade of colour to their room. Pastels are favoured amongst those who would like a calming effect without having to lose out on colour.


  1. Teal and browns

For a beachy vibe, teal and neutral browns are the way to go. The richness of the browns offsets beautifully with the calmness of the blue shade. Use decorative items and furniture that are white and dark brown to tie the room together. It brings about the feeling of bringing the outdoors, indoors. By adding a few indoor plants, you are bound to create a relaxing haven for yourself and your family by adding a few indoor plants.


Still unsure? Download one of the many great colour apps available to help you design your interior. Read our articles on tips for decorating the main bedroom on a budget. Or read how to choose the right furniture to decorate a townhouse for more great interior decorating ideas.


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