5 Easy Easter Treats You Can Make Yourself


This weekend is perfect for the family to be together and enjoy some quality time in each other’s company. Easter has become synonymous with some tasty delights and signature eats. So, why not roll up your sleeves and get everyone into the kitchen for treats that you can make yourself? Here are 5 easy Easter treats that will tickle your family pink. Or blue. Or green!


Break Out The Food Colouring! 


  1. Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats

This yummy Rice Krispies treat is sure to entertain young and old. This recipe makes an egg-shaped mould that holds a sweet surprise! It is easy to make yourself, and you can basically shape these treats into any form you like. The best thing about this treat is watching your family try to discover what is hidden inside!


  1. Carrots In Mud

This is a fun recipe for the whole family to get involved with. With a handful of ingredients, you can make your own edible garden for everyone to enjoy. If you cannot find carrot sweets, consider hiding mini eggs in the mud for the kids to find! This is a wonderfully easy recipe for any age child to assist with.


  1. Easter Bark

This is a classic bark recipe with an Easter twist. Everyone is bound to love this, and you can essentially choose what you add to your bark. Consider using nuts and dried cranberries instead of jellies and mini eggs to cater to every taste bud preference. Again, there are not many ingredients in this recipe and is super simple to make.


  1. Easter Egg Fudge

Fudge can easily bring back memories for most. Make this yummy treat and your family I sure to polish the entire plate. This recipe is dead simple and can be done using your microwave. Get the kids mixing and add any colour you prefer to make these yummy treats. These are also great for wrapping in a clear film to give to family and friends as gifts!


  1. Easy Marble Easter Eggs

Make these artsy eggs quick and easy. Let your kids help to choose the colours and create the shapes in the cream before dipping the eggs in. Boiled eggs are fun to decorate and always looks impressive even when it hardly requires any effort. It looks great, tastes good and will get your family eating eggs in no time!


Healthy Alternatives

Healthy can be fun and delicious! Look at these kids Easter treats that are actually good for them. From wonderfully fruity creations to eggs and bacon bunnies, you are bound to find something deliciously awesome here. Make healthy eating fun for the entire family!


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