10 Home Maintenance Hacks You Need To Know


We could all do with some nifty home maintenance hacks. If there is a way to do it safer, quicker or less expensive, we want to know about it! While not every home maintenance hack is needed, you might be surprised to find a few that are pretty useful. Check these great hacks out and get the job done quickly and easily.


Fixing Up Those Little Niggles


  1. Unclogging a toilet 

Avoid the harsh chemical solution and try this awesome trick! Simply line the bowl of the toilet liberally with dishwashing liquid. Let it stand for a minimum of an hour before giving it a flush. The soap makes it easy for whatever is clogging the toilet to simply slip away in a bubbly flush.


  1. Getting rid of scuff marks 

The perfect tool for this: a tennis ball! The fibre on the outside of the ball makes it easy to scrub scuff marks off the floor. If you can’t see yourself sitting on the floor, try putting the ball on the end of a broomstick. Cut a small x-shape into the ball before sticking the broom handle into it. This allows you to stand and rub at the same time.


  1. Furniture indentations on carpets 

Use blocks of ice to follow the pattern of the indentation. The ice helps to revive the shape of the carpet and you can simply pat it dry with a cloth afterwards. You will be left with a carpet that looks close to brand-new.


  1. Getting rid of small dents in wooden furniture 

Here is a novel way to get rid of light dents in your wooden furniture. Just add a little water, cover with a moist towel, and bring out the iron! Run a warm iron slowly in circles over the moist towel for a few minutes. This re-hydrates the wood and lets it look almost as good as new.


  1. Remove stains in your microwave 

To get rid of those food stains in your microwave, use this regular household item – vinegar. Heat a cup of white vinegar in your microwave for three minutes. When the time elapses, simply wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth. All those food stains will wipe away without needing to scrub anything.


  1. Stop fog from building up on your bathroom mirrors 

Have you ever gotten out of the shower, just to wipe the mirror so that you can see anything? Stop fog from sticking to your bathroom mirrors by washing them with shaving cream. This is a great hack for wintertime when you’re not ready to let in the cold yet by opening the door.


  1. Stop creaking wooden floors 

Throw a layer of baby powder over a wooden floor and sweep over it gently to guide it into the cracks. Filling the cracks in and around the boards will help it to stop making noises when walking on it.


  1. Descale your appliances (H3)

Put a cup of vinegar in your dishwasher for a cycle to descale and give it a deep-clean. Or add a little white vinegar in your iron and iron an old towel for a few minutes to let it descale. White vinegar is great for cleaning all sorts of appliances.


  1. Squeaky doors? No more! 

There are great lubricants that you might use to stop a door’s hinges from squeaking. But if you don’t have the time to drive out and get one, here is a hack that might prove useful. Use full-fat mayonnaise instead. Knock the pin up about halfway and add a little mayo. Then replace the pin and swing the door a few times to get it nicely lubricated. No more squeaky door!


  1. Clean tap and showerheads

Restore the flow of your taps and showerhead while descaling at the same time. Tie a small sandwich bag with vinegar inside over the taps or showerhead and leave overnight. Rinse out with fresh water the next day to have clean taps with restored water flow.


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