Dream Home Or Dream Neighbourhood: Which Is Best?


Most buyers have a good idea of where they would ideally like to buy a home. But have you considered the choice between having your dream home or your dream neighbourhood? And what happens when you find your dream home, but it isn’t in your dream neighbourhood?


Choosing Wisely For The Future


Let’s explore what might happen when you pick the one over the other. Better yet, look at how you can realistically get a bit of both.


Dream House

There is a chance that you might actually find the house that ticks every one of your boxes. It has the right layout, size and even a few extras tossed in. When it comes to your budget, you have done all the sums and they add up. It’s absolutely perfect in every way.


More often than not, buyers choose a home that ticks at least 80% of their requirements. The few things that remain might need some compromising and can be changed or updated later. But they have a home that makes them smile when they walk through the door. Every room shines with life and the new owner gets a well-deserved pat on the back.


Isn’t this what we all hope for in our homes, after all?


Dream Neighbourhood

Just as in your dream home, you might have a list of top suburbs you’d like to live in. Some of the most sought-after neighbourhoods are near good schools. Some buyers would prefer to be closer to work or where there is good public transport. The best deal would be to buy a home that has a great chance of increasing in value too!


The reality is that homes in sought-after areas are pricier and don’t go onto the market often. But, with a keen eye, you are sure to find a home in the neighbourhood of your choice.


Best of Both Worlds 

It is definitely possible to find your dream home in your dream neighbourhood if you know what you’re looking for. To get the best of both, start by looking at homes in the neighbourhoods you like that fits your budget. Be open-minded and prepared to compromise a little. You may find your perfect home in the right neighbourhood, but it doesn’t have the pools you were hoping for. Such things should not be deal-breakers and can be amended at a later time if your home allows for it.


The reality is that you need to be 100% satisfied with where you live – home and neighbourhood. You will gain more from having an amazing home in a neighbourhood that you’re comfortable in. Or having a home that suits your needs, while living in a pretty good neighbourhood. And if you struggle to make a choice, ask your agent for their input. They are very knowledgeable and can often help you to make a better decision.

The Milkwood Townhouse Complex is a brand-new development that is ideal for first-time buyers. It is well situated to the main roads and is a short drive away from the airport and Cape Town Centre. Our secure estate is wonderful for young families and offers a safe environment to raise your children. Contact our agents to book a viewing appointment today!

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