Must-Do Winter Activities In Cape Town

With the winter blowing in and the cold sweeping in, Capetonians seem to go into a state of hibernation. This is not surprising as the days start later and come to an end much earlier in the afternoon. But the change of season brings on an array of wonderful winter activities for the entire family to enjoy. If you are looking for some fun activities to take on this winter, read on to see our hottest picks!


Fun Activities For Everyone


  1. Whale Watching 

With whale watching season getting into full swing in July, why not plan a family trip as a fun activity? Go and enjoy the majestic displays of breaching, spouting and tail flipping right on the coast. Try to spot all three of the known locals and visitors, the southern right whales, humpback whales and Bryde’s whales. There are many great vantage points to view from the coast or consider joining a whale tour!


  1. Stand-Up Comedy 

If you are looking to warm up those cold limbs in a hilarious way, go out for a night of stand-up comedy. Cape Town brims with great places to get a good laugh and lighten your mood. The great thing is that there is a show nearly every night of the week to suit your schedule anytime! This is definitely something to put on your to-do list this winter!


  1. Live Jazz 

Cape Town is a hub for all music lovers with a great variety of music right at your fingertips. But if there is one genre that Cape Town is known for, it is the great sound of live jazz. So many of the great jazz musicians have come from this side of South Africa and the spirit lives on! Enjoy a night of great music with a warm delicious meal with a few friends or family.


  1. Winter Wonderland Festival 

If you are looking for fun activities to do with the kid, look no further. Live music, food from around the world, gadgets and gizmos and to top it all: the Winter Palace with snow. This year there will be rides, arts and craft and excitement to rival any other year. The Winter Wonderland Festival is a great place to bring your entire family for some quality time.


  1. Brandy Tastings 

Few things can warm us quite like a well-rounded brandy. Visit the KWV cellar, one of the largest in the world, to experience a little of South African gold in a glass. Enjoy various tasting tours, including the leaf tea and chocolate tour. For those with a nose for great pairings, try the chocolate and brandy tasting!


  1. Hot Chocolate Tasting 

Brandy is not the only winter-warming beverage on offer in the city of Cape Town. Explore the many cafes, restaurants and venues who have mastered the art of hot chocolate making. Try to discover your family’s favourite by tracking down the best mix in town. Ranging from the strangely healthy to over the top creamy, you are bound to find your perfect match!


  1. Take Advantage of Out of Season Deals 

Now that peak season is over, why not take advantage of the shorter queues and the dropped prices? Now is a great time to visit a few landmarks, including Table Mountain, without getting stuck in unnecessarily long queues. Visit the surrounding wine farms go to the Science Centre!


Winter is a time for the family to enjoy lots of fun activities. Read our articles on some fun school holiday activities and indoor activities for more great ideas.

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